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In June 2016 Markus Tinhof took over the winery and continues its history in the 9th generation with Katharina. They keep trying there best and put the winery on the next level. Since 2019 they became an organic winery, just using herbs for phytosanitary. They love what they are doing and try to give the nature back what they are taking.


Even our Barrique barrels are made out of wood from our own woods. We fell the trees at the perfect time of the year and after letting the wood dry for three years, a cooper of our choice finishes the barrels. We accompany the whole process: from the trees in the wood to the Barrique barrels. 


We have 5 guestrooms, with one large doublebed and one big bathroom. On every room you can find a waterheater for tea. There is big court and the possibility to sit outside and enjoy the sun. From 8.00 till 10.00 there is an breakfast buffet, if you are allergic to something let us know. If you need an airportshuttle please contact us we can organise it for you.  



For roomresverations or winetasting you can reach us per mail or phone.


email: weine@seyberlaid.at

mobile: +4369911845654 (you reach us from monday till friday (8.00 - 19.00)


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