Estate Winery


Our philosophy is all about the vines. For us it is very important to feel good about what we are doing and to have a clear conscience regarding the nature, the vines and of course our wine. We harvest the grapes not until they are completely ripe and find it especially important to do everything possible by hand – reaching from foliage treatment to the harvest. Moreover, the way for organic wines is paved since we only use a minimum of pesticides to oppose the weather conditions.


Even our Barrique barrels are made out of wood from our own woods. We fell the trees at the perfect time of the year and after letting the wood dry for three years, a cooper of our choice finishes the barrels. We accompany the whole process: from the trees in the wood to the Barrique barrels. 


In June 2016 Markus Tinhof took over the winery and now continues its history in the 9th generation. Due to his experience in Australia and New Zealand and other trips, he broadened his horizon and welcomes different influences in his work. With his motto “shrink to grow” he follows his own ideas and leads the winery into the future.